When planning in such an organized and straightforward manner, it can be easy to forget about aesthetics. However, people who visit your office will take away lasting impressions of your company from what they see, so the layout should also be visually pleasing.

Besides, it enthuses one more to work in a well lit, chicly decorated office than in a boring space! Studies show that employees are keener to work and are more productive in well organized, neat and visually pleasing workspace.

So why is office space planning so important?

Office spaces are usually meant for large groups of people, and if adequate planning and organizing is not done beforehand, the arrangement of the office will become more haphazard as the team grows. Office space planning also ensures that the arrangement is suitable for the business and work needs of employees.


Budget design does not mean usage of cheap materials or products in the process. After spending the entire lifetime savings it might not be pocket friendly when it comes to interiors for most.

More than the exteriors, interiors are more important spaces for design, as every day you spend the best memories inside your home, so designing it wisely in budget is very essential. Being one of the best interior designers in around, We have packages for all types of clients starting from renovation to absolute interiors.

They are called the true designers who design keeping the requirements and needs in mind and create the design effectively in budget. At OPTIMUM INTERIORS LTD we keep a keen interest in reaching the needs of our clients because everybody deserves a unique style to shape their interiors with varied budget constraints.

For every room your personalized detailed 3D will be shared with you for your better understanding. OPTIMUM INTERIORS LTD designer will help you to choose the right finishes and materials even wallpapers too. Once reviewed and approved by you, we do a thorough check and freeze the design.


It has often been said that the key to a successful business is location, location, location. We get it; location is important. But even with the greatest location in the world, a business can easily fail if its interior is not just as well thought out. Interior design is the art of balancing functional needs and aesthetic preferences inside of a structure. After all, the purpose of a building is really defined by its interior, not its exterior.

When looking at interiors, we can talk about two main things: the use of physical space and aesthetics. Let’s start by looking at how interior designers can utilize physical space to enhance the purpose of a commercial structure. If the design of a house is centered on livability, then the design of a commercial building is based on usability. Space needs to be usable for both employees and customers in order to maximize profits.


Retail design is a creative and commercial discipline that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space. … The storefront must act as a billboard for the store, often employing large display windows that allow shoppers to see into the space and the product inside.

Retail design is a very specialized discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail space. Because the primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell product to consumers, the spaces must be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer.


Cafeteria is a non-formal space. Hence, you can use your wild imagination to design the cafeteria. You can experiment with organic forms, rectangular boxes or any other geometrical figures in plan and elevation.

OPTIMUM INTERIORS LTD Prefer to keep the plan simple and experiment with the exterior of the structure. That makes more sense. Keeping the plan simple will help you keep up the efficiency of the function of the Cafeteria.

Restaurants and cafes are popular places for recreation, relaxation, and are the scene for many impressions and memories, so their construction and design requires special attention. Restaurants must to be projected and constructed to be comfortable.