aluminium and glass partitioning in Kenya
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Aluminium and Glass Office Partition in Kenya

Aluminium and glass office partition in Kenya is a must for every modern office or institution where space is at premium. Optimum Interiors Ltd offers top of class partitioning solutions to clients Kenya wide. With highly skilled professionals, we leverage our expertise to come up with the most appropriate office interior solution to our clients.

Aluminium and Glass Office Partition in Kenya


Aluminium and Glass Office Partition in Kenya

Partitions can add privacy, screening and visual interest to your work place or office. We can construct partitions in varying sizes using special glass to create a style unique to you. Using glazed partitions will create a modern, spacious office design that maximizes material light. Window blinds or glass films used to create privacy when doing aluminium and glass office partition in Kenya.

Whether you are after a small office partition or a complete fit out for your residence, retail or commercial business, Optimum Interiors Ltd can service your needs and requirements. Our friendly, skilled and qualified glaziers can provide expert advice on office partitions using a wide variety of glass including laminated safety glass, toughened/ tempered glass or frosted glass and we will custom design to suit your office environment.

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Affordable, Effective, Flexible Solution

Optimum Interior Ltd provides an affordable, effective and flexible solution for any office fit out, whether it is small or large. As a leader in aluminium and glass office partition in Kenya we make high quality custom made designs. This means you can be guaranteed of a complete office partition solution that will always be on time and on budget.

If you are looking to lighten up your work space, glass partitions are a popular option. Improved lighting brought about by glass partitions will lead to an improved office morale and a more enjoyable work environment overall. There are a number of benefits to installing partitioning in your office space but when choosing the type of fit out to go for, it is important to keep all the variables in mind. At the end of the day though, each work place is unique and we work with our clients to make sure their ideal business office can be created.

We have a wide range of partition solutions available and combined with our great skills and years of experience, request for a quote today here. Aluminium and glass office partition in Kenya includes; aluminum doors, aluminum door frames and aluminum glass frames together with a range of seals, fixings and other accessories.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers in service, support, quality and pricing. If you are after a contemporary look, want to add some light or space, or you are just after a refreshed upgrade to a tired work space, office partitions are an excellent choice.

Our organization is counted amongst the most distinguished service providers of aluminium and glass office partition in Kenya. We make aluminum partition in room with the utmost dedication and by keeping clients requirement in mind. Customers can avail offered aluminum room partition services o from us highly reasonable prices.

aluminium and glass partitioning in Kenya


Aluminium and Glass Office Partition in Kenya Services

Utilizing the modern technology and latest machinery, we bring forth the wide array of aluminium  and glass window. In order to ensure the quality of products our team of experts tests the entire range on various parameters. Our offered windows are available in different specifications, in order to meet varied needs of clients. Furthermore, these windows are highly acknowledged for perfect design and durability, among our clients.

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Our partitioning options include;

  • Frame-less Glass Wall or Single Glazed partition
  • Aluminium Glass wall Partition
  • Aluminium MDF & Glass Partition
  • Sound Proof Office Partitions

We’ll help you create an effective workflow environment by utilizing your corporate space efficiently and keeping it within your budget.

best office interior design 2020
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Office Interior Designers in Nairobi

Amazing office interior design will definitely mirror your standards and outlook. And this increases the productivity in your staff. Optimum Interiors Ltd is the best office interior designers in Nairobi Kenya, we create cutting edge and cost effective designs and concepts for your office.

Our world class, in house architect designers have many years experience in leading office fit out projects. And we will work with you to produce ideas and solutions as a top office interior designers in Nairobi. We ensures that every area of your office interior design project receives their full attention.

We find that by immersing ourselves in your world which enables us to understand your business challenges and office or commercial space limitations. This allows our commercial designers to produce various office interior design ideas and test high performance options. Ultimately we use this to produce an inspirational office design solution that gives your business and its staff ambient touch it needs to prosper.


Office Interior Designers in Nairobi

office interior designers in Nairobi

We design your office to reflect your unique brand. A well-designed office may require some investment, but it is absolutely worth it as it reflects the brand. Being a top office interior designers in Nairobi we ensure your office is automated with the latest access control system, digital surveillance, hybrid data wiring and lots more.

Being the best office interior designers in Nairobi we provide a complete corporate office interior designs. Creating perfect working station, director cabin, reception, meeting room, training room, lounge, cafeteria, storage room etc. Giving different environments for different tasks, and making them excited about being in the office, and invigorate your workforce.

That’s not all as experienced office interior designers in Nairobi Kenya, we go even further with our service by taking care of the execution of the design finalized by the client. This helps the client to focus on their business rather than running around to find contractors to complete the execution of our design.

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We always use high-quality materials from trusted vendors who are aware of our taste in construction. Our cabin interior meets the customer requirement. We follow a systematic design process to provide for keeping files, fan, computer accessories etc. Special care is taken to design modern style for executive areas, conference room, cabin, workstation and more.

As the office is a place for professional activities, it requires an atmosphere of concentration and dedication. Keeping these factors in mind, office interior design services need creation with a very formal outlook, decorated with a combination of balance and harmony. As top office interior designers in Nairobi we follow the contemporary global trends of interior designs and develop excellence projects.

When someone refers to corporate interior design it’s about more than the way the office looks when the client walks in. Good corporate interior design means setting the office up to function in the smoothest possible fashion. It means creating an environment for your employees to succeed. Also, it means having a tasteful and professional looking space that you can be proud of.

We undertake complete internal design work of Corporate Offices as a top office interior designers in Nairobi. Our clients based at different locations with different areas of spaces.

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Top Office Interior Designers in Nairobi

In today’s competitive and ever-changing business climate corporate interior design firms are coming up with new and unique ideas of making fantastic spaces. Creating that is a critical tool for aligning people with organizational goals. Our focus as masters in office interior designers in Nairobi is to understand client’s vision and suggestions so as to execute it with our designs that then have a lasting impact on our clients’ business and brand.

We are here to help you design your office interior with magnificent look that can demonstrate your professionalism, forward-looking thought process and propensity of excellence.

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Office Space Planning Guide in Kenya

Before approaching an office space redesign, consider the variables that govern the process. What are the core items in office space planning guide in Kenya? More importantly, how do you assess them as part of your plan to organize your office?

There’s more to office space planning than moving one piece at a time and seeing how things fit together. It’s less of a puzzle and more of an equation. The patchwork process is too disruptive to be practical, making it all the more important to look holistically at the variables involved in workspace planning.

 Office Space Planning Guide in Kenya


Office Space Planning Guide in Kenya

Here are 10 important factors shaping office space planning guide in Kenya and why they’re integral to the process. Assess each carefully as a standalone variable, as well as how they fit into the greater space planning concept you’re working toward.

  1. Capacity: You can’t properly plan an office without knowing how many people you have to accommodate. This includes anyone with consistent space needs, including full- and part-time workers, contractors, consultants, and other worker classes. Capacity is the first and most crucial figures for office space planning guide in Kenya. It sets the tone for all decision-making that follows.
  2. Available space: What’s the total square footage available to you in your current facilities? Moreover, how is it delegated? Recognizing available space makes allocating it and planning for utilization a more informed process. Pay mind to whether you need all the space you have or if you ultimately need more than is available.
  3. Floor plan: Understand the floor plans conducive to your office space and worker capacity. Decide if your space planning guidelines will be governed by an open office concept, hot desks, activity-based workspaces, individual workstations, desk neighborhoods, or flexible workspaces. Odds are, it’ll be a combination of some or all of floor plan
  4. Demand: What types of workspaces is there immediate demand for? A need for group workspaces, quiet work rooms, and hot desks dictates how you allocate space. It’ll also ensure you’re building a workplace that’s supportive of employees, however they choose to work.
  5. Flow: Consider the dynamic areas of the workplace. How much space do walkways require? Where should the copy machine go? Will a desk in one area face too much disruption each day? The daily flow of a workplace is key to accommodating employees, without disrupting work itself.
  6. Culture: Culture drives employee engagement, making it a cornerstone of workplace planning guidelines. Consider elements like desk neighborhoods or collaborative workspaces that encourage camaraderie. Look carefully at design elements that reinforce core culture values, like fun and funky artwork or lots of greenery.
  7. Fixed variables: You can’t change what you can’t change—you can only plan around it. Map out fire exits, structural components, doors, and anything else affecting space utilization. Foresight for fixed variables keeps you from improvising wildly, which may affect your original office space planning standards.
  8. Cost: Cost constraints play a big role in what you’re able to accomplish with office space planning in Kenya. Prioritize your biggest initiatives—those affecting the most good—and execute on them first. It also important to be cost-minded when planning an office rearrangement. Know the total workplace redesign cost and the ROI you hope to achieve post-execution.
  9. Compliance: Don’t forget about workplace governance standards or safety compliance. You have no control over these standards, but need to incorporate them into overall planning to avoid hazards, fines, and lawsuits. They involve anything from not blocking fire exits to having GFCI outlets in the break room. Get to know NCA requirements and building code ordinances.
  10. Growth: You may be building the workplace you need today, but what about a year from now? Factor in growth planning to ensure your workplace isn’t antiquated in a few short months. This means not planning to 100% capacity and recognizing dynamic trends in how your employees use space. Better office space planning guide in Kenya today equals less disruption to the workspace in the future.

One factor consistent across each of these variables is quantifiability. Each is measurable, making it easier to align them with goals and metrics. It means they can also be processed into other critical benchmarks: utilization rate, cost efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Careful consideration of these 10 variables in office space planning guide in Kenya gives facility managers a well-rounded outlook. Many more factors can affect the final outcome of workplace design, but these governing factors are immutable. Forgoing any one of them can derail the entire space planning process.

cost of interior design in kenya
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Cost of Interior Design in Kenya

We always have this query of what is the cost of interior design in Kenya for your office or home? While detailed calculations are always possible and can be provided based on measurements, we have tried to define a rough estimate to guide you.

Getting your office or home designed by a professional is something we’re all considering because it’s in vogue and seems like the smart thing to do. However, we’re also plagued with skepticism about one thing — how much is the cost of Interior Design in Kenya?

We did the homework for you to get you to alleviate any doubts you may have. Also, it helps you prepare your bargains with the designers.

Cost of Interior Design in Kenya

While some interior designers take up only the designing, some help you pick the furniture and decor as well. If you want a hassle-free experience, then check for a designer who can supervise the entire work from procurement of furniture and decor, carpentry work for the kitchen and wardrobes along with installation.

For any civil work required, check the entire scope. False ceiling, flooring and painting are also considered as separate services. The cost of Interior Design in Kenya varies based on all these tasks and services.

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How are Designer Charges Computed? Cost of Interior Design in Kenya

If you think that designers usually take a lump sum amount for a design, that’s not always the case. There are different ways a designer can compute the cost.

  • Per Sqft: Based on the area of the space, the designer charges around KSh 1,000 per sqft and this can go upto 10,000 as well, if you’re looking for design alone. However, inclusive of products, carpentry i.e, modular kitchen and wardrobes, flooring and ceiling, this price can shoot upto KSh 30,000 too. It is better to check with the designer on what it includes as the some of them only offer woodwork or some exclude soft furnishings like curtains, blinds and so on.
  • Percentage of Overall Cost: The designer calculates the overall price of the project inclusive of products and services. Based on the total cost, they will charge around 6%-15% as a design fee. This can shoot upto 20% based on the level of design and expertise involved.
  • Markup on Products: In layman terms, this means the designer will charge a premium on every product you buy. Eg: If your sofa’s cost price is around KSh 200,000, the designer may mark it as KSh 220,000 while charging it to the project. The premium varies from project to project.
  • A Lump Sum: This is purely based on the designer’s discretion on how much they want to charge for a project. It can be based on a percentage, commission, per sqft or a combination of two or more categories. In many cases, the designers call this a fee and there is no transparency on what basis this is charged.

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Add-on Charges on

But that’s not all! Interior design is a long process that involves multiple visits and iterations. But not everyone provides you with ample choices. Here are some rates you might have to encounter.

Site Visit Charges: While the first 3-4 visits might be included in the fee they charge, anything over and above it can cost on an average of 2,000 per visit.

Iteration Charges: If you’re not satisfied with one design or require ample changes to be made multiple times, designers may charge a fee. Usually, they share 3-4 iterations without any fee. Anything more than will be chargeable. So check with your designer before you willy-nilly ask for different designs.

Design-only Cost: If it’s only the design you want, the designer can charge around KSh 150,000 for just furniture placement and ideas. For a three-dimensional (3D) view, the cost can go up. Some designers charge per room view as well, which can vary from per view. Hence, they consider the size of the home, along with the number of rooms.

Site Supervision Cost: If you want the designer to be present at the site to supervise the installation or carpentry, then they will charge you for the same. Here the cost of Interior Design in Kenya solely depends on what the project cost is.